FAQ On Dash Cam

  • Q1:

    Why after pulling real-time, SD card has a lot of different length of time and size files?

    Because he files pulled in real time are saved separately, and a new live file starts recording when real-time starts, in order to video smoothly, Data Rate is compressed, so the size becomes smaller.

  • Q2:

    Why it was not locate sometimes?

    If it is a weather and environmental factor, when you are in a very dense area of tunnels, bridges, woods and underground parking lots, it can cause the AutoCam not to receive signal, leaving this environment, can be automatically restored.

  • Q3:

    Why can’t pull the real-time?

    Check if the AutoCam is waking up in the state, AutoCam wakes up within 12 seconds alarm can. not pull real-time.

  • Q4:

    Why the Bluetooth, which was previously set as the owner, not automatically connected?

    Due to the AutoCam settings changed, the Bluetooth display fails when connected the AutoCam again, you need to delete the account in the Bluetooth settings of the phone, and then re-connect the connection settings.

  • Q5:

    Why suddenly get stuck in real time?

    It may be that someone else is pulling as the APP supports multiple people to add accounts, but only one device pulls live and plays back video.

  • Q6:

    Why does the AutoCam connected and not online?

    Check whether the 4G network has signal or not, and your mobile phone connectted to the hotspot, check if you can access the Internet.

  • Q7:

    Is there a leak in recording video files when there is no standby?

    Because the AutoCam is stop recording when the video list plays a recorded video and views the photo.

  • Q8:

    Why the SD card can not be recorded automatically?

    · Since the high-definition video data is large, when the video is recorded and stored, each frame of data is stored in the memory card. If use a low-speed card for storage, the storage speed and the video required for the video recording will appear. It is recommended that users use C10 or above high-speed memory card.

    · Check if the memory is full and cannot be recorded, and if so, please format the memory card.

  • Q9:

    Why does AutoCam can not wake up when there is no power failure and standby?

    Please check if the screen saver was setted .