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Microwave blind spot detection
  • Microwave blind spot detection
  • Microwave blind spot detection
  • Microwave blind spot detection
  • Microwave blind spot detection

Microwave blind spot detection

Module: BSM-01






_______Full Set____________________________________________________________________



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Working frequency: 24.0-24.25GHz

Transmitting power: 15dBM

Detection angle: 40Degrees

Detection Capacity: 5 objects at the same time.

Detection range: 0.55Km/h-220Km/h

Detection accuracy: <0.55km/h

Detection direction: objects close by (either getting close, or pass by)

Detection distance: 0-25m

Working voltage: 9-24V(can customize 9-35v)

Working current: <200mA

Working temperature: -40°C~85°C



Working Mode & Alarming Mode

Working Mode:


1. System begin to work when car speed exceeds


2. When turning light is on, the corresponding

sensor begin to work.

Alarming Mode:


If there is object within 20 meters from the sensor, and getting closer to the sensor (faster

then our car).


Technical Comparison:



–Valid for moving objects

–By intelligent software configuration, can obtain target car moving speed, and thus judge whether it can cause danger to our car.

–Far detection distance, so can give warning much earlier.

–Installed inside car bumper, no need to drill holes.

–Strong anti-interference: Heavy rain, fog, snow nearly has no influence to its performance.


–Valid for anything in range

–Give warning if any object in range.

–Can’t differentiate isolation strip, vehicle, or other object, thus can’t detect real danger, and with lots of false alarm.

–Short detection distance (around 3m), not easy to detect fast passing by object.

–Need to drill hole on bumper, influence car appearance.




_______Current Status on Microwave BSD_________________________

- Because of the outstanding performance and technical difficulties of Microwave sensor BSM are mostly adopted in car OEM plant.

- Currently, around 98% of the microwave applications are for car blind spot detection.

- The cars are equipped wite Microwave BSD: OEM design.

- And it is the popular product in the market at present .