Proximity Sensor

Ultrasonic BSD for car
  • Ultrasonic BSD for car
  • Ultrasonic BSD for car
  • Ultrasonic BSD for car
  • Ultrasonic BSD for car

Ultrasonic BSD for car

Module: VBD-241S-2S



> Uses radar sensors mounted at the sides of the rear and front bumper to monitor the detection zone for relevant objects.

> The system warns the driver if an object is identified, thus assisting the driver in manoeuvering.

> Help you see through fog, darkness, rain or snow when back mirror is functionless

> With 4 sensors installed at car front / rear bumper for front / reverse parking usage.

> Digital LED display, can be with "Bi Bi..." alarm, or clear human voice alerting,

> System turns on automatically when you begin to reverse.

> Can show obstacle direction of left or right.

> Obstacle distance displayed on LED in meter, or inches.

> Fit any make of car or vehicle, van, caravan, trailer and horse boxes.

> Waterproof and shockproof, anti-fault information technology

> More-stable two-angle sensor,horizontal and vertical for detection

> Human speaking warning is optional. 


________Technical Parameters________________________

> Rate voltage: DC12V

> Operation voltage range: 9-16V

> Rated current: 20-200mA

> Sensor detecting distance: 0.3-2.5m

> Working temperature: -30 ~ +70 degrees

> Display working temperature: 0-60 degrees

> Ultrasonice frequency: 40HKz




_________Package Include________________________

>  1 * control box

>  2 *sensors


>  2 *warning lights




>  1 *set of harness


>  1 *set of installation kits: hole saw, strips


>  3 *wires