FAQ On 360 Bird View System

  • Q1:

    Is the system with warranty?

    Yes , the 360 degrees bird view has 24 months warranty.

  • Q2:

    Can the system work with Car Decoder?

    Yes , our system can work with decoder.

  • Q3:

    How to install the cameras ?

    The cameras will be adjusted by the calibration cloths. The detail installation as in the user manual.

  • Q4:

    What is the effect when they works at night?

    Our system is SONY225 lens , with 0.01Lux Minimum Illumination. So it is high quality to work at night.

  • Q5:

    How is the system working ?

    Automatically to work , such as ,

    1) when you turn left , it will be automatically to shows left camera video +Bird view

    2) When you turn right , it will be automatically to shows right camera video + bird view

    3) When you go straight, it will be automatically to shows front camera video + bird view

    4) When you reverse , it will be automatically to shows rear camera video + bird view